Note To AnCaps and Libertarians: Preaching Without Proposing Policy Is Not Politics, It Is Masturbation.

December 25th, 2019

I love when “anarchist capitalists” (some even call themselves “market anarchists” lmfaoooo) talk about what they hate that people do, and never propose any policy arrangements. Proposing policy is bad! It’s FORCE! COMPULSION! EVIL!!

If you talk about everything you hate, and never promote anything you like or want to see, you are just jerking off on the internet. Socialists propose things like healthcare reform, and then you see the “market anarchists” say they don’t want to do the reforms, but also they do the gotcha of “well, I don’t like how it is now, either!”, but then never expound upon what they want to see. Do they want to eradicate all forms of wealth redistribution? Well, that would take work, effort, and care to do, they just want to talk about what they hate, and never about what they actually want.

Honestly, it’s a little cringey. When someone says that single-payer healthcare is bad, and doesn’t actually propose a counter-measure, it is de-facto in support of the Status Quo, which they claim they dislike, but they’re too arrogant and blinded by a first principle to actually do anything about.

A small observation, I think it’s hilarious. This is why the fishook theory is true and accurate.

Read the comments on this stupid-ass post for more of what I’m talking about.

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