Double Dip Daily

Double Dip Daily is a show where I take a game that I’d like to PB in and attempt to do so by doing two runs every day for each week day! I’ll also try to learn things in between and make things fun!

Week 5: Gubble (PS1) – Any%

Gubble is an epic puzzle-platformer with epic tunes and is pretty straightforward to run, but I’ve never run it outside of Rundays.

Week 4: Toy Story 2 Game (PC) – Any%

This game should be a fun blast to da past! I never really did a grind of this, just rundays and learning.

Week 3: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (PS1) – 100%

This game was chosen by the patrons and with an initial PB of over two hours, it seems I’ve got a lot of work to do…

Week 2: Mega Man X3 (PS1) – Any%

Mega Man X3 is a game I like to run quite a lot, and I have done plenty of PB attempts, but doing another grind would be fun, and challenging!

Week 1: Mega Man (PS1) – All Stages

For the first week I chose Mega Man (Rockman Complete Works) for the PS1 because it’s one of the shorter Mega Man games, and it is also one I never really tried to play much other than marathon settings.