Double Dip Daily: Week 1

Run #130:33Run #6 27:38
Run #229:44Run #7
Run #326:52Run #824:54
Run #434:07Run #9
Run #528:08Run #1027:58

Mega Man (PS1) – All Stages

2019, April 22nd-26th
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For the first week I chose Mega Man (Rockman Complete Works) For the PS1 because it’s one of the shorter Mega Man games, and it is also one I never really tried to play much other than marathon settings.

PB Before: 26:25 on 03/17/2018
PB After: 24:54 on 04/25/2019
Improvement: -5.74%, -01:31


I had a lot of fun playing this one, and ended up PBing by a good amount. I also appreciate the game a teeny bit more, it’s pretty cool once you get the hang of it, but I hate hate hate Ice Man’s stage so much. One of my favorite aspects of this game and the run is the Magnet Beam, it’s really useful and really makes for creative routing.