Double Dip Daily: Week 10

Run #159:08Run #637:06
Run #245:34Run #7
Run #348:39Run #837:09
Run #444:46Run #9
Run #536:45Run #1034:34

Dexter’s Laboratory: Mandark’s Lab? (PS1) – Any%

2019, July 15th-20th
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A fun PS1 game with cool minigames and funny voice lines. Short enough to not drag on!

PB Before: N/A
PB After: 34:34 on 7/20/19
Improvement: N/A


A really fun licensed game with great music and hilarious cutscenes and storyline. The runs were pretty fun, I found you can just skip a mission about half way through the week and that drastically cut back the time it took to beat the game