Double Dip Daily: Week 4

Run #11:00:41Run #652:40
Run #257:05Run #7
Run #358:22Run #849:37
Run #452:11Run #9
Run #557:22Run #1052:48

Toy Story 2 Game (PC) – Any%

2019, May 13th-17th
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This game should be a fun blast to da past! I never really did a grind of this, just rundays and learning.

PB Before: 51:46 on 12/04/2016
PB After: 49:37 on 05/16/2019
Improvement: -4.15%, -2:09


A very fun and enjoyable Double Dip! I PB’d by a fun amount, relearned a classic game that I haven’t ran in a while, and had a great week of fun chats and gameplay! All around, a very fun and well done week.