Double Dip Daily: Week 7

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Run #252:04Run #7
Run #31:03:58Run #851:51
Run #457:07Run #9
Run #555:23Run #1052:09

Speed Punks (PS1) – Any%

2019, June 25th-29th
Speedrun Page

Speed Punks is a fun racer with great gameplay, speed boosting mechanics, music, and overall super-chill!

PB Before: N/A
PB After: 51:51 on 06/28/2019
Improvement: N/A

Monday Night Rage Quit Stream Archive


An INCREDIBLE game that I previously had never heard of. Wow. The music was great, the gameplay was great, the levels: great, the mechanics: great, my god! Fun AF! I enjoyed this game so much so that I wrote a review of it.