Hello Kitty’s Cube Frenzy (PS1) Game Review

Release: 06/25/1998 (JP)*, 03/31/1999 (NA)
Review Date: 07/10/2019
Last Updated: 07/10/2019
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A cute and fun puzzle game with good music and fun times. Good length, too!


This is a puzzle platformer game with simple tetris-like gameplay, and fun levels. You connect same-colored blocks to clear them, and try to make pathways for Kitty to collect certain objects.


The playable Kitties are cute, but there are also other members of the cast that appear, including a panda and a penguin, and some other cute thing. They block your path sometimes and make things frustrating, but it is hard to stay mad at them because they’re adorable.


The game is divided into “worlds” with three stages per, and a map that allows you to go from world to world and make alternate choices. Each world has a new backdrop and song and is usually a slight difficulty increase.


The music goes between really good and extremely good, plays around in all kinds of genres, and is upbeat and gets you in a great mood to play! Not much else can be said, but it compliments the game greatly.


When you pick up tokens it makes a fun horn noise, and in some levels you can stack them and they play over and over and over and it’s really funny. The sound, other than that, is quite good! High quality and cute effects that blend in well with the music.


The game is sprite based and has beautiful and vibrant colors and they shine as you play, which is pretty fun. The animations are great and flip around nicely, the walk cycles are really cute and the backdrops are lovely and really well detailed!