Speed Punks (PS1) Game Review

Release: 09/15/1999 (EU)*, 03/31/2000 (NA)
Review Date: 06/29/2019
Last Updated: 06/30/2019

*Originally titled “Speed Freaks”

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A really great racing game with phenomenal music, gameplay, characters, and tracks. Truly fantastic.


The gameplay for Speed Punks is very good, very fast, and very easy to get into. The tracks are fun, nicely shaped, and dynamic with moving backgrounds, different pathways opening up, fun shortcuts, and more! (much much more!)

The high speeds and fun items make the game dynamic and always changing. Lots of items can be deflected or dodged, so the skill barrier is higher than most similar kinds of games.


The Game has just shy of a dozen characters, some unlockable after boss races, and some from the start. They all have varying stats including weight, top speed, and acceleration that have noticeable differences in gameplay. All the characters are fun and wacky, my favorite being the Doggy, Cosworth!

They all have fun and epic animations and noises, for example, Cosworth woofs and barks and sticks his tongue out and it’s adorable!!


The Levels are divided into four cups. Easy, Medium, and Hard. You need to rank 3rd in each race to unlock the next cup, and if you win each race you will unlock bonus boss races where you can win more characters!


The music for this game is absolutely incredible. It’s up-beat electronic bliss being injected directly into your eardrums to cause pure joy and happiness. Truly, I was so shocked at how absolutely great it was! City is probably my favorite of the normal track songs, with Cosworth’s being my overall top pic.


The sound effects are cute and fun, each character has their own funny noises. The speed ups sound great, my favorite being the extended boost sound. I love Cosworth’s barking and woofing! You can also edit the sound versus the music in the options menu which is great for jamming.


The graphics are fantastic. The level environments are beautiful, the skies are fantastic, the characters are well made, and all the animations are cartoony and fun. The overall cartoon vibe is great and done really well.