Sunder WAD Review

Release: uh…
Author: Insane_Gazebo

Review Date: 08/03/2019
Last Updated: 08/03/2019
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Sunder is the mightiest of all mighty when it comes to hardcore slaughter gameplay, bridging the gap between the most beautiful vistas you’ve ever seen and the most absurdly difficult crunches of Doom gameplay you’ll ever experience. Still in development and hopefully one day it will be finished!

Episode 1 – Maps 1-10

MAP01: “Python”

The big introduction to the big badass known as Sunder. It starts in a bland looking slimy room and as you progress through the hordes of imps and other meat sacks you find yourself on a plateau with far off enemy clouds incoming and a slow finish as you learn just how Sunder will end up treating you.

MAP02: “The Burrow”

A slight uptick in difficulty from the previous map, introducing smaller and more concentrated areas with more and more enemies, but it’s not incredibly difficult with lots of hiding spots and areas to fill up on resources. A road bump with a great theme and cool visuals with lots of infighting to be had!

MAP03: “The Dreaming Garden”

A step up, once again, in mob size and difficulty. The cement style is really bland and dreary, but the architecture makes it look super interesting, especially the areas contrasting with the skybox or the grassy/watery dirt. Some areas can be pretty rough to get through, the movement space isn’t the greatest here, which makes it challenging to get through the dense hordes, but when you do, it’s not so bad! The ending is right at the start, which is a fun tease. I do like that quite a bit, it makes you know how far along you are by the proximity to the start/exit area.

MAP04: “Metal Descendants”

This map gives you the big crushers! Which are awesome and magnificent and just all around cool as hell. The large rooms with the monumental crushers providing much needed backup in the overcrowded fields of imps, hell knights, or whatever makes the map much more dynamic and open-ended than the others before it. The end area is a gigantic mega crusher zone with so many enemies, including a spider mastermind! (which is mostly just used to fill space…) An all-around excellent map (when things go well).

MAP05: “Precarious”

Oh god, this map is the worst. There’s nothing I can say about this map that will make it seem better than it is. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it’s just too much. Thankfully, the monster count is relatively low, but the worst thing is when the pain elementals spew out clouds of lost souls, just makes you want to die. The level is all platforms and small plateaus that have their own events of revenants and frustration. However, all that being said, the visuals are amazing, the floating upside down buildings and stuff are truly fantastic. And this is the first level that is almost entirely outside


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MAP06: “Grinder”

This map just makes me mad. There’s little to no areas that are ‘safe zones’ and you just have to run around and hope you don’t get iced by the hordes of lunatic demons. After you make a foothold in the first area, it isn’t so bad to push through, by the time you get to the end, however, it does become kind of a chore. The music is really loud and repetitive and gets grating after a bit of being in the same spot pumping rockets over and over and over.

MAP07: “Hollow Icon”

This map is the first where I would say it gets “epic”. Epic in the literal sense, is what I mean. The sheer size and scale of everything starts to get really big and the expectations of whats to come start to change into something even more dreadful. It starts small and opens up to bigger and bigger arenas. There’s plenty of areas in this map where you are easily overwhelmed by the amount of enemies on screen, but there aren’t many areas where it feels unfair. There’s tons of ammunition and enough health to get by, (especially when you’re save-scumming!) and more than enough enemies to keep you occupied. Expect to be here for a while.

MAP08: “Pale Monument”

Ah, what beautiful music. The music fits here really well, a deep and foreboding track balancing on the pale gray and tan metal sky scrapers and structures in the distance. One thing about this map that I really enjoy is how you can get to nearly every part of it, lots of towers have stairs or are connected to later areas leaving no area un-turned and able to deplete. The further and farther reaches of the map get really big, just like we saw in the previous map, enforcing the expanded expectations of arena size that we’ll see later to come. The ending area is wonderful and big enough to roam in without feeling crampy! Over all the map’s excellent. Really hard, and well rewarding.

MAP09: “The Cage”

The opening for this map is one of the best openings I’ve seen. A wonderful backdrop of blood-red mountains mashing against pillars made of iron and steel as the lift lowers you into the maze of fencing and the mouths of a horde of angry fuckers that are ready to take you out. This map is very slow and steady, with most of the areas being very claustrophobic feeling and tight with small bridges and fixtures. The ending is a lot bigger, but is really annoying to deal with. The music track here fits well with the theme and maintains the deep intensity during the potentially long journey of going through this map.

MAP10: “The Hag’s Finger”

This map presents its extreme aesthetics instantly as you spawn on a cliffside gawking over the almighty structure that awaits. A giant spiral going upwards, an extremely long and treacherous level awaits you! Each and every spot is harder than the previous. The areas with the pain elementals are, of course, the absolute worst. If you leave them unchecked the lost souls they generate can pluck around at you for the entire map, so I suggest you take it slowly and be sure you kill EVERYTHING that can fly. This map’s got plenty of ammo, so don’t worry about over-using your rockets or cells, just be reasonable. By the time you get to the end of this one, you’ll be exhausted.

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