The Speed Dogs

The Speed Dogs is a weekly recurring podcast with the mission of showcasing and discussing the good and the bad of Speedrunning, Politics, and more!

There is no set date as of now to when we will be streaming future episodes, but you can find an archive of each episode as well as associate clips from each episode as they’re uploaded!


2019, May 17th – Episode 11

In this video we tackle calebhart’s recent GDQ ban, transphobia in speedrunning (again…) and triggered snowflake conservatives both in and out of the Gameing Werld.

Beta Male Calebhart42 Banned From Games Done Quick For Being Transphobic Loser
Triggered “Gamers” MELT DOWN Over Transgender Flag in A Hat in Time
Top 5 FRAUDULENT World Records in Speedrunning

2019, May 17th – Episode 10

Here we interview Stealinbread about how he got into speedrunning, his story with it, and how he feels about the current goingson and the future.

Making the Case: Why You Should Speedrun Super Metroid Project Base

2019, May 4th, 2019 – Episode 9

Welcome to the 9th installment of doggy time, this one was painful to get through due to the sheer volume of cringe.

Calebhart42 Too Beta To Discuss ANYTHING
Joe Biden Is A Disaster Candidate
Brainless Blonde Bimbo Blames Ilhan Omar For Hate Crime
Cenk Uygur Obliterates Galaxy Brain Centrist on Live Television
Loser Fascist Gets Egged in NYC

2019, April 20th – Episode 8

Guests: 8bitisgr8 and ShadowZero

In this episode we tackle transphobia in speedrunning and other awful speedrunner antics, as well as talking about big Bernard and big Billiard!

Calebhart42 BANNED From Twitch for Racism & EXPOSED As an Anti-Trans Bigot
Wqqqqwrt And Fans Write Life Threatening Fanfiction
8bitisgr8 On GDQ BAN: “I Have No Problem With It”
Transgender Military Ban In Effect
Bill Weld 2020 – Trump is DONE FOR!!
Gillette Spreads Pro-Fat Propaganda??????

2019, April 18th – Episode 7

Guests: Cyanbreak a.k.a. Veo

A return of the lovely doggies after our first vacation break! We cover the Phantasy Star Drama, and catch up on other news!

Phantasy Star Speedrunner Kevin Durden CHEATS and MELTS DOWN After Being EXPOSED
Triggered Gamers MELT DOWN Over All-Women Games Done Quick Event “Frame Fatales”
Narcissa Hate Cult FREAKS OUT Over Historical Analysis of Monkey Ball
TOTALLY NORMAL Gab NPCs LOVE TO Contemplate Murdering Minorities
Glenn Beck Spins EPIC FANFICTION Live on FOX News

2019, March 7th – Episode 6

Epic doggies. A very focused episode as we haven’t been paying attention much to much news, so we took the time to get some guests on.

Conversing With A Classical Liberal – Cyberdemon531 & Auxchar
Stream.Me Shuts Down Due to Lawsuit? Searching For Facts

2019, February 28th – Episode 5

Another fire ep with lots of callouts and juice of that sort..

Rashida Tlaib Calls Out Racist Loser Mark Meadows At Cohen Hearing
Steemit Soyboy Too BETA To Debate Me
Kaitlin Bennett Cringes Out on College Campus
YouTube Comments Hurt Creators? – The Case for Socializing Social Media|
Tim Pool’s INSANE Defense and Scapegoating On Display

2019, February 21st – Episode 4

Another ep with BERNING commentary.

Dumb Hypocrites Paul Joseph Watson & Charlie Kirk Want To Tax The Rich?

2019, February 16th – Episode 3

The layout has been improved, the spice has been spiced, and the Angry Trans are Angry. A good episode with good topics!

Tim Pool Is a Transphobe Part 1
Bill Weld Primary Opponent To Trump?
Tronald Dump Cringes About A National Emergency
Is Trump Bad Because He’s Obese? Or Because He’s Lying About It?
Right Wing Conspiracy Obsessed Pretty Boy Gets Caught In Dumbest Way Imaginable
YIKES: Barbara Lee Endorses Kamala Harris
Narcissa Wright Deserves Better
RUSH Does Journalistic Malpractice In Uploading Alt-Right Propaganda
Speedrunner JohnCarls Exposed For Harassing Women

2019, February 9th – Episode 2

This episode was the first one we streamed live, we lost Veo unfortunately, but still working on the format for the show that works great! Lots of talks about politics, speedrunning, and epic cringe.

Florida Politician Accused of Licking Men’s Faces, groping
Apollo Legend Has No Idea What He’s Talking About Part 1

2019, January 30th – Episode 1

The First Episode of the show, non-streamed, and very fiery! A grand time.

RWhiteGoose Gets Away With White Supremacy While Trans Woman Get CENSORED
Is Kamala Harris Evil? (Yes)
2020 Libertarian Candidate John McAfee Fleeing the Country
1 in 5 People Never Heard of the Holocaust – “Hitler, who?”
The President Begs For Global Waming

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