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Gubble (PS1) Any% Speedrun World Record in 31:25

This run was pretty good all around except I accidentally entered a special bonus stage and lost like 40 seconds because of it lmfao, beat me please.

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Gubble (PS1) Any% Speedrun in 32:12

Achieved on the second of five days for the fifth week of Double Dip Daily, and thus you shouldn’t bother watching as it will be beaten soon.

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LSD Dream Emulator Speedrun (REAL CONSOLE) in 4:31:51

A disappointing run. First of all, I got the 11-minute-meme in this run, and second of all, I got a Pit loop that lasted about 30 days in a row during that long gap between video interruptions. Other than that,

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Toy Story 2 Game PC Any% Speedrun in 49:37 – Raw

Taken from my Double Dip Daily series, week 4 day 4. This was a pretty fun and good run! Few mistakes, especially near the end, but first PB in 2 1/2 years, so it’s pretty rad.

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LSD Dream Emulator Speedrun (REAL CONSOLE) in 4:33:31

My second run of LSD Dream Emulator. I didn’t get the 11-minute-meme in this one, thankfully. My first 100 or so days had a lot of exploring and trying to memorize the map, but around halfway through the game I

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LSD Dream Emulator Speedrun (REAL CONSOLE) in 5:50:32

My very first run of LSD Dream Emulator, a lot of exploring and learning going on, and it was a great and fun time! I show off the game and contents of it in the intro of the video. This

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The PowerPuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction (PS1) Speedrun in 16:06

This game is pretty straightforward and simple, but a few things can often go wrong. The general idea is to set health low and time low, so that it basically puts a cap on how long a run can be.

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Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (PS1) 14 Talisman Speedrun in 35:26

A fun speedrun and one that I’ve played on and off many many times since I started speedrunning in early 2013. I really enjoy the glitches and tricks present and the game always has a mystical nostalgia vibe that makes

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Arthur Ready to Race (PS1) Speedrun World Record 16:20

Here is my amazing speedrun of Arthur Ready to Race for PS1, the speedrun for this game consists of doing all the absurd minigames as fast as possible, but that’s easy. The Doggy mission is random in how fast the

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