There Is No Middle Ground On Transgender Rights

December 22nd, 2019

I hear people say they are “spectators” or “indifferent” to trans people, as if it is actually an option that exists. There’s either support, or hatred.

Materially speaking, you being “indifferent” about something when the status quo is of obscene disregard and disrespect, that is de facto supporting that agenda. To people that claim that they are “outside of it” or “above it all”, you are not. You are not operating in a vacuum. We all live in one inter-connected world, and pretending that you live in some outward-looking-in position, like some god or deity, is just absurd as well as delusional.

There are people dying every day for awful reasons. Every single day, people, innocent people, pass away due to unnecessary and unfair reasons. People often say “Well, why should I pay more attention to one group compared to another?”, which is a false paradigm. You can look at all injustice in the same fashion, and as it should be: Cruel.

Nobody requires you to supplant transgender rights to the forefront of your every day being. However, basic human decency would dictate that you at least be aware of injustices, and that you should not participate in their propagation. If you are truly not a bigot, it shouldn’t be hard for people to see that. In fact, it isn’t. If you are a respectful individual, then everyone will easily understand it unless they themselves are not.

People often say “Respect needs to be earned” as if it’s some sort of labor-intensive activity of some kind to treat one another with decency. As if it costs you something to be a nice person. It doesn’t. In my opinion, respect does not need to be earned. Respect should always start at the top, and only drop when people show themselves to lack basic social skills.

Not everyone is perfect, but pretending that imperfection is an excuse to be actively against others is bizarre and delusional. You, at any point in your life, can decide to become a better person. It takes very little time to educate yourself on a topic that has massive benefits to your ability to participate in society. Whether that be understanding traffic laws, standing on the right side of an escalator, holding the door open for someone with lots of bags in their hands, or so be it. You can drastically improve other people’s lives with no effort on your part, outside of a small inkling to choose to care at one point. All it takes is wanting to care once, and then the rest of your life can be easier and make others’ easier as a result.

Ignorance, especially in the age of the internet, is not an excuse. Especially after people have told you that you are. If someone delivers all the information to you, then there is not a thing you lose by utilizing it to support others. Passive support is all that is required to maintain decency in society.

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