Ancient Aliens

Doom WAD
Console: PC
Latest PB: April 30th, 2017
First PB: October 18th, 2016
Total PBs: 11
Full Game PBs: 6
Individual Level PBs: 5
Favorite Category: UV Max
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UV Max

Ancient Aliens is a wonderful map set and the full max run is always such a pleasure to run through, the music is great, the maps are great, and the length is of epic proportions.

Current PB:

Doom: Ancient Aliens UV Max RTA Speed Run World Record in 3:59:54

Notable Runs:

Ancient Aliens UV Max RTA 5:23:09 | Knee Deep in Doom #7
Ancient Aliens UV Max “Speedrun” – Doom Month July 2018 #34


UV -Fast

Goodness gracious, UV -Fast is extremely difficult. This is quite the undertaking. Always interesting, though.

Current PB:

Doom: Ancient Aliens UV -Fast RTA Speed Run in 5:34:46

Notable Runs:

Individual Levels – UV Max